Dr Mariano Barbacid is a Spanish molecular biochemist, known by his discoveries in molecular biology of cancer disease. He completed his PhD studies in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (in Madrid, Spain) and afterwards he moved to the United Sates, where he he started his own group to work on the molecular biology of human tumours at the National Cancer Institute of Maryland. Some years later he was appointed director of the Oncology department of this research center.
Among his great feats, it has to be remarked the discovery of the first human oncogene H-RAS, as well as the identification of the first mutation associated to human cancer development.
His scientific career has achieved international recognition, and has been awarded with several renowned prizes such as the Young Investigator Award of the American Association of Cancer Research (USA, 1986), the Steiner Prize (Switzerland, 1988), the Ipsen Prize (France, 1994), the Brupbaher Cancer Research Prize (Switzerland, 2005) and the Medal of Honor of the International Agency for Cancer Research (WHO) (Lyon 2007).