Thanks to our collaboration with:

With the collaboration of IDT, grants will be available to attend ConBioPreval for those living outside the Valencian Community.

It is mandatory to be already registered in the congress to apply for a bursary.

For the time being, we are happy to announce that RENFE will offer a 30% discount to attendants of ConBioPreVal 2019. If you plan to travel with RENFE to attend the congress, write to for additional instructions.

We also offer a limited number of accomodation grants for the nights of 24th and 25th April in the Hotel Silken Valencia. This grants do not constitue, in any case, a cash bursary. The ConBioPreVal organizing committee will organize the reservation of those applicants who recieved the grant. If you want to apply for this grant, rembember that is mandatory to be registered in the congress, and fill the form below. Once the bursary holders are announced, they can ask to be paired in the same room if both parts agree on that. In addition, if you do not get the grant but still want to be accommodated in the Hotel Silken Valencia, a special offer of 62€/night will be available for ConBioPreVal attendants.

Deadline for bursary application: March 22nd

Bursary resolution will happen during the last week of March. Aside from the required info below, abstract submission, while not mandatory, will also be taken into account.

    Stay tunned at Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@conbiopreval)!